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InfoTurn Transmission Help

Press Ganey can administer surveys in multiple methods including mail, phone & Internet. Press Ganey's InfoTurn Division is the mail survey distribution section of our complete measurement and reporting services. In order to administer your surveys you must transmit your customer, patient or employee data in a secure manner. There are three methods available for transmitting your data to Press Ganey (see the "Secure Upload Methods" feature comparison chart below). NOTE: We strongly recommend one of the FTP methods as they offer the greatest benefits and highest level of data security.

  1. SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol Secure)
  2. FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure, FTP over SSL)
  3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)  

If you do not currently possess an FTP client or PGP/ GNUPG encryption tools we also offer a free utility called InfoTransfer to aid you in your FTP transmissions. You can obtain InfoTransfer by clicking here. Downloads of our upload documentation that will guide you through the file setup process can be obtained here.